p3 750@1000 overclock please help

My mobo is a atrend 6310V-01 with a slot1 coppermine at 100mhz , i already succeded in running this processor at 115fsb and the system is stable with the stock slot1 heatsink and fan and doesnt seem to run hot(by touch) the problem is i cant make a boot at 133 fsb and most important my question is:i ran sandra pro and it says that my proc speed at 100 mhz fsb is 752 AND .......this is interesting...that the processor is rated at 1000mhz/133 ...how does sandra get this information ?????from the processor?, why did intel sell this processor as a 750/100 if its a 1000/133 and is sandra reading this info from the processsor or is the program approximating its opinion of the processor speed! and if so why doesnt the processor work at 1000/133, by the wAY ID LIKE TO OC THIS PROCESSOR JYUST FOR THE HECK OF IT althogh the extra speed and most imoprtant of bandwith would be good for me.so i would apreciate help from all the experts........hey crash, VTOL are you guys around.
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  1. I assume you have PC133 memory to begine with, so now on to the CPU. You'll probably need around 1.85v, maybe a bit less, to get the thing to 1GHz. If your board doesn't have a vcore adjustment, you could try pin tricks. Problem is, you SHOULD have gotten a Socket 370 CPU and used a Slotket. Why? I could sell you an Abit Slotket III with voltage adjustments that do the pin manipulations for you, for $10. Of course you could always bid on the BX6 board I'm advertising in Classifieds, it has voltage controlls. The auction ends in something like a day and a half.

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  2. hey crash I know that i should have bought soket adapter and i suppose my vendor was very persuasive and i hurried i bought the thing before reading your answer to my previous post...yeah so your telling me i have to raisde the voltage..but ill probably do that in yhe future could you please explain the thing about the sisoft sandra report i mean the issue of proc.speed/rated proc. speed does that mean that my processor was rated as a 133mhz fsb but sold as a100mhz model..i dunno why but that report makes me really curious...ok ill have a look at your auction do you have a website crash?hey i really appreciate you taking time to help me out and i have another question my oc to 115 fsb was succesful but i would like to use the stock fan is thaty o.k cus the heatsink doesnt feel to hot..and whats good temperature for a processor as approximated by touch.
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