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Hello, I have a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma, a Samsung WS1G Soundbar (Receiver and a sub), a PS3, and a 360. Now, I want to get a good surge protector for it and I do not have a whole lot of knowledge in this area. I would like a good one for the peace of mind, but, I also hear that you can get audio buzz, interfearance, etc, and good surge protectors can stop that. If anyone could help me out and let me know some good surge protectors, Id appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. The hum/noise you are referring to is eliminated by using a power conditioner. You can buy a unit that is both conditioner and surge protector from companies like Monster or Furman. I have a Furman and when my house was hit by lightening two of my basic surges failed, but the Furman kept on going. Another option that is a bit cheaper is to go with an AC outlet that has a built in conditioner. Here is a link that sells both types of conditioners/surge protectors.
  2. Yoder54 said:
    ... two of my basic surges failed, but the Furman kept on going.

    Well then, they did their job by dieing that your electronics might live. No greater sacrifice ... :)
  3. Actually, the surges that died sacrificed about $1k in electronics. Total household loss was $5k. It was all covered by insurance, but was a pain nonetheless. Three times my place has been hit now. Who ever said 'lightening never strikes the same place twice?' Yea, it strikes at least 3x.
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