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my husband was cleaning his computer from dust and went over the keys. the desk top then went upside down. how does he fix that?
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  1. 1)turn the computer off before cleaning.
    2) try
    crtl-alt + up arrow
  2. go to the start menu, then open the control panel. click on "hardware and sound", then "display". click "change display settings". in the orientation setting drop the box down, it will probably be on "landscape flipped", change it to "landscape". If it's already on the landscape for some reason, change it to "landscape flipped". I tried it and the upside down desktop was making me dizzy :)

    ^rgd1101's method works too
  3. Turn the monitor upside-down?

    But seriously, Ctrl + Alt + Up or down or left or right will change the display orientation.
  4. This occasionally happens on Intel integrated graphics chipsets with Intel Graphics driver

    The icon on the system tray tells you the keystrokes needed to undo this.
    Also the option to turn the keystroke rotation feature off

    It helps if you can turn screen upside down until you have fixed the problem
    (may need two people unless screen rotates 90 degrees on stand)


    Mike Barnes
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