Something exploded in my Archos 5.

For the last few months, I haven't touched my Archos 5 at all. I'm talking about the dark brown/silver version. So today, when my mom asked me if I had a spare music player that I can give her, I decided to give her the Archos 5. However, when I picked it up, I felt a bulge, and apparently something inside the player blew up inside. The machine was not plugged in for the past several months, and it had been on my desktop collecting dust. >.>
Do you think this is covered in Archos' warranty?
I sent Archos customer service a message about my player, with the following images:

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    If Archos offer a one year warranty and you are beyond that period you should talk to the retailer -- from the sound of it you have a case for repair, replace or refund.

    If they refer you to the warranty, refer them to the bit which says "this warranty does not affect your normal consumer rights".
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