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Hello there, im going to buy new 2.1 speakers to my PC. I all day read reviews and what i saw good examples should be :

(orderd by interest)

1) Bose companion 3 series II
2) Logitech z-2300
3) Creative gigaworks t3

What i need is plugin for headphones and aux cant be bad too, i really looking for quality, clear mid/highs. Have Creative Xi-Fi soundcard. So guys im really looking for your comments and also you can write other 2.1 speaker systems which can be good quality/price.

Thank you very much.
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  1. what ever u want to get jsut do get BOSE.
  2. what ever u want to get jsut do NOT get BOSE. :)
  3. MEgamer: Sorry i dont understand you :) Your help is going to do not purchase Bose, right ?
  4. yes. do NOT get bose. if u ask me why, ask someone else, they will tell you :)
  5. thank you very much !!! but question is which ones now ? do you have any tips ? thanks
  6. Seems like the Bose Companion 3s run around $250, so if that's your budget range, I have two suggestions.

    Swan M200 ($250)


    Swan D1080 ($160)


    They both use the same drivers, it's just the 200s has a larger cabinet, a tilted design, and of course, treble/bass controls on the front.
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