Don't understand OEM Version

Need to purchase Windows 7 for a home PC.

I do NOT want to run into issues with licensing if I had to re-install Win 7. For example if I decide to change hard drives, or other hardware, or had a hardware failure.

I'm trying to understand which version of Windows do I need to purchase. I've included two links below. Are either of these the right version to purchase so I don't run into the problem above?

Thank you!
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  1. System builder or OEM locked to your Motherboard, you can change components but not the board. No Microsoft support.
    Retail version can be moved from system to system, access to M'soft Support
  2. ^+1. If your motherboard fails, and you replace it with the same motherboard(same model), then you can continue to use the same OEM license.
  3. or, if you decide to change motherboard, you can simply call the 800 number microsoft provides you, tell them you are only running this copy of windows on one machine, and they will provide you with an activation code.
  4. What about using a HDD from different system with a new computer and reactivating the formers win7 with the new OEM key? Is that too convoluted?
  5. You may be able to do this, but you'd be better off doing a clean install anyway due to issues you may have with the machines being different(hardware-wise). Most people will recommend doing a clean install on a system rather than moving the OS drive over - and this recommendation has nothing to do with licensing.
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