I will buy 2560x1440 27 inch monitor ?

guys the only monitor that i saw in kuwait with IPS panel and and 2560x1440 resolution is Apple LED Cinema display 27 inch it costs 390 KD about 1000+$
i can live with it but is this monitor good enough it all the 2560x1440 monitors comes with 14 bit colors panel and 1.07 Billion colors but this one have 24 bit colors panel and 16.7 million colors i cant decide wich is better and the last thing the monitor response time is 12ms Grey To Grey i dont understand that but is it true that i will see annoying ghosting with it most of the other 2560x1440 monitors comes with response time of 6-7 ms
tell me now should i go with this monitor or order Dell U2711 online the shipping will cost me about 100 kd if i went with dell the cost will be 350 KD and the apple 390 KD and yeah will apple work with my windows pc i have display port in my GTX 580
thx in advance
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  1. The response time will have some ghosting, especially noticeable in high end gaming situations. Some of my coworkers use the apple monitor, and I have not seen any noticeable difference in the image. So I'd go with the cheaper of the two.

    I hope this helps.
  2. The Apple monitor is also a hub, and you pay for that. Im not sure its worh it $1000, when you can get awsome 1080P monotiros for $150
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