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very simple question, but im not sure about it. can you change your PC's processor and not have to change anything else?.. say i got my PC here and i buy a new processor that is faster. an AMD athlon XP 2400+ or 2800+
can i replace the AMD Athlon 1800+ i have in there now and just turn my PC on with the new processor and be good to go? or do i have to set things up? my main board is an Azza with the via KT333 chipset.
i have 1GB pc 2100 DDR
GF 4 Ti 4600
SB Audigy Gamer

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  1. Well i only suggest you do it if you know what you are doing, otherwise you may damage something due to inexperience, read the AMD guides CLOSELY for more details on what and whatnot to do.

    A processor change over is pretty easy though process wise.

    A. make sure the motherboard is capable of taking the new cpu, updating the BIOS with a new flash file if necessary.

    B. remove heatsink then CPU, & clean heatsink.

    C. put in new cpu, apply thermal paste and reattach the heatsink.

    The only other thing Of concern is if the existing heatsink is certified for use with the new (hotter) processor. If its not there is a chance the cpu will overheat.

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  2. ok. i get ya all the way up to thermal paste. would that come with the new CPU? or would i need to get some of that. see i put everything together in my pc myself except putting the processor in the sicket. the store i got it from did that for me. thermal paste. hmm. also. a "flash" file for the BIOS. where would i get that? and how is it installed?. thankyou for your time.

  3. Thermal paste OCCASIONALLY comes with new heatsinks. If you get a retail CPU kit it comes with processor, instruction manual and heatsink with thermal pad on the bottom.

    Just go to a PC store and buy some cheap thermal paste. There is little difference between the cheap and expensive stuff... and you only need the smallest paper thin amount on the core.

    The flash file and instructions you get from the motherboard manufacturers website.

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  4. ok. thanks a lot for your help! one last thing. do you think <in your opinion> that my azza bv kt 333 mobo will handle a amd athlon xp 2400+ processor without a flash file?
    it has the VIA KT 333 chipset. and capable of 266mhz FSB and DDR333. so it should be ok right?
  5. if you are talking about the azza KT-33BV then there is not a newer BIOS(flash) out yet. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  6. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for thermal paste instructions.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> AMD's installation guide.

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