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I am trying to find out if HP Pavillion DV9000 laptop had a recall for breaking of hinges and who I can contact regarding that.
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  1. HP's support website. Just search their website or give their customer service line a ring. If I recall correctly, there is a recall out on a few of their laptop models, but am unsure of what they are specifically.
  2. the hinges on my hp dv9000 broke also cant even close the laptop
  3. you can see a list of current recalls at unitedrecalls.com
  4. Ahh... the hp support is garbage, they have no idea what they're doing...
  5. My hinge on my laptop broke as well. Left mouse button does not work. Had to change mouse settings to use right mouse button. Battery does not work anymore. To top everything off missing one key. I always took good care of my laptop. Never dropped the dam thing or toss it in a corner. When done using it I always put It away in a laptop carrying case. I have a Hp Pavillion dv9000. To me it is a piece of junk for a computer that is only 3 yrs old.
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