How to connect a led monitor using hdmi input to a pc having vga output

I own a 27" AOC Full HD LED Monitor. At the time, I am using it as a monitor as well as a TV with the help of a TV Card (External TV Combo Gadmei Brand). I want to connect the monitor using HDMI cable which has come along with the monitor. But, the problem is that my PC has not HDMI output. It has only VGA output. So, can anyone suggest me how may it be possible, make also clear if audio will be out or not using VGA to HDMI connector !
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  1. Alex_Smythe said:

    Thanx Alex !

    I've tried the same cable, but there is "no signal" displayed on the monitor ! What should I do ?

    I've also heard that this type of cable usually doesn't work. If it's true, then what'll be the best solution ??
  2. Hi,
    You need to plug a converter. You can't do VGA to HDMI without converting it.

    You need a box like this one. This convert your VGA output (PC) to HDMI input (TV)

    -Input: 1 X VGA, 1 X Stereo Audio L/R;
    -Output: 1 X HDMI,
    -HDMI 1.3 and HDCP compliant;
    -PC VGA Resolution: 1920 X 1080@60Hz, 1360 X 768@60Hz, 1280 X1024 @60Hz, 1024 X 768 @60Hz, 1280 X 720 @60Hz, 1280 X 768 @60Hz, 800 X 600 @60Hz, 640 X 480 @60Hz, 720 X 400 @85Hz.

    I think this is your best shot.

    Same thing, but with a better images in ebay description.

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