Laptop power rigging possible

I broke off the power connector to the motherboard and part of the motherboard that its connected too.. so my ? is , is it possible to rig power to battery or to motherboard alternatively
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  1. Probably not. You'll have to send it in and have the PSU replaced or do it yourself.
  2. well if i had a pic. i would upload it but the corner of the motherboard where the power connector is at broke off completely and i could glue it back but i know it wont bring power since the circuits that run in the board are broken and now i'm trying to figure out if its possible to bring in power through the same connector as where the battery brings it power into the motherboard .....?
  3. The battery uses a special pinout - trying to re-wire it without a schematic is a good way to fry your system.

    If you can find some way to connect your jack to the leads that are on the board, you can get it back up and running. I've encountered this situation once in an older Dell notebook, where the board underneath the DC jack was a peninsula of sorts; the user had dropped it and broken the piece off the board. I wasn't able to fix it, though I only spent a few hours on the machine.
  4. well is there a pic. or something that you can post to show the leads from the board are so i can rewire it maybe... the corner of the board where the connector is is broken off from the motherboard

    l[btry]_________l -(bad drawing of mother board)

    ----------------- ^
    the piece missing from board
    /-____-__l ===the minus signs are random capacitors also attatched to this little board
    /__[0]_<--l------- (power connector port)....---------- this is completely separated from main board but the power connector is still attached to that part of the board thats broke off...

    kinda bad drawing but its basically whats going on with my problem

    with battery power it still works but i cant charge it so i cant just use battery if i cant charge it

  5. The only idea I've got is for you to take pictures.
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