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Console gaming is not something I'm very familiar with, so please bear with a real noob here. Is there any reason to buy a HDTV with a resolution of graeter than 720p for an xbox 360? I have read that all xbox games are 720p resolution... just upscaled for the 1080i and p screens. The HDTV will be used solely for gaming with the console.
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    Thats up to you. It is fact that most 360 AND PS3 games are upscaled to 1080P via software.

    Also - a lot of PS3 and 360 games actually do not run 720P either, usually a smaller weird resolution is used for a lot of games, for example 1152 x 622.

    Although If I was buying a new HDTV today - I wouldn't go any lower than 1080P - just for future proofing a little bit.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I presume the upscaling that takes place doesn't "improve" the resolution to 1920x1080. I imagine it is just a form of pixel doubling, correct? It's still 720p, just spread out over 1080p.
  3. Yeah something like that. Consoles also use "tricks" to make games look better. I can't remember exactly though what they are.

    Although console games are starting to show their age these days (and have been for the past few years).
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Xbox 360 Resolution