K6-3 underclocking...sob

Hi all. I've been having some complications lately and just can't seem to figure it out. Here goes; I recently "upgraded" from a k6-2 400 to a k6-3 450 on my Asus P5A mobo. I flashed the bios at this time to also allow my 80GB WD ultraIDE drive to work. I have 512MB (overkill?) RAM, 2 HD's, 2 CD drives, sound card, GF 2Ti VidCard, ethernetcard and that's about it. There used to be some old scuzzy card in there too, but it was causing conflicts and so has left. This PC was a "gift" from an old roomy and hadn't been plugged in for about a year and a half - some upgrades I've made myself. The problem is that once it boots up, the bios reads the CPU in its jumper settings as it should be but once in Win2k the clock speed derived from Dr. Hardware reads at 225.5 mhz. Futher app's such as a Core Temp reader say the same mhz and that the multiplier is at 5. Jumpers are set to 100x4.5. Changing these to 83.3x5.5 does nothing besides change (windows read) bus freq from 45 to 48.x for a total of 229.x. Flashing Bios changed nothing. Putting in the older card changed nothing, it read at 200.4 mhz. Running TSC utility did nothing and I think that's because it isn't Win2k compatible. I've really exhausted my resources have no clue what else to try other that reinstalling windows as this (assumed) change occured when I upgraded and put in a fresh Win2k and partitioned the new drive. The Dr.Hardware benchmarks tell me it is running at what a k6-3 should be but I've also seen screen shots of this chip's clock speed showing it's full capacity. I also notice in Diablo 2 a huge ammount of lag in simply the starting screens of the game (minutes+). Quake 3 can't open because it reads that I have a 75mhz CPU and can't create an OpenGL series. Please help. =/

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  1. Wow...thats really messed up.....

    Try every combination possible for ur FSB......change it from "100" to lets say 200 if u can.....another u might wanan try is to put ur OLD bios back on....sounds like the bios u flashed onto there has some serious issues.....

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  2. With weird errors like this it can be two things. Your computer has a virus or you have some serious hardware electronics failures.

    Have you tried putting in the old cpu?

    I'm thinking your system is fried.

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  3. Nonono, I'm certain your diagnostics programs are simply reading it wrong, and that at 4.5x100 you're getting 450MHz. I've seen really weird things, most of my programs report my 133MHz FSB as 490MHz (!) so this stuff does happen. As for Q3, it's a bug in the program. I've seen several types of software that won't even run on a K6-2 because they require a "Pentium or higher" and read the K6-2 as a 486!. Anyway, you can't do much about that other than try to rewrite the program, which is illegal.

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  4. Try running your CPU at 4.0x112 I had a k6-2 500 which I overclocked to 504 MHz by running it at 4.5X112 instead of 5.0x100. The performance increase was significant especially in 3d gaming though I attributed this more to the increase in the FSB as the increase in processor speed was negligible. Sadly this was the best I could get out of it before system instability set in but your k6-3 may overclock better "motherboard permitting"!
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