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I'm having a terrible time selecting a new monitor. I want a 22 or 23 inch, I do alot of photo editing (being in my 70's, my eyes aren't what they used to be, either). Other than the photo work, it's just the internet, word processing, some spreadsheet work...for me, mostly kind of tiring on the eyes.

I need some expert, and unbiased advice, which is hard to get, just walking into a store where they are desperate to sell anything that shows a pic.

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  1. I dunno what kind of monitor you are switching from but here is my non-expert advice:

    When it comes to surfing, photos, word processing, spreadsheets I think the bigger the better because you can re-size the windows and scatter them all over the screen.

    I'm in my 21s and I think a 85Hz CRT is about the same as a 60Hz LCD as far as eye strain goes. All LCDs would be just as relaxing as the other provided you can get the lighting right. Also my optometrist said I should look out the window for about 1 minute every 20 minutes to prevent short sightedness ;)
  2. Samsung Syncmaster 2494HM ... offers you the ability to take a more expansive view of your world. With its phenomenal resolution, response time and image clarity, it pushes you to the limits of your potential. With the Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM, it's not hard to imagine.
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