2 1 vs 5 1 surround sound systems

Just got a new Samsung 46" 6300 series LED HDTV, and our living room is not the place for a 5.1 speaker system, but I could make it work if I have to. Was thinking about the Bose Cinemate II instead. They're expensive considering you don't get a Blu Ray player and other things that come with a full 5.1. Any thoughts? Will I miss out by not getting a 5.1? I'm not a gamer. Mainly want it for movies. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. In my experience I learned that Bose is overpriced crap. You end up paying $1000 for speakers that sound no different to $500 speakers.

    I personally recommend the Yamaha Digital Sound Projector if you are short on space. You can get a model the space price as the Bose or something even fancier but any of them would sound better than Bose. I personally saw a christmas deal for the YSP-900 model for $500 but I didn't get it >_<

    Also don't buy "home theater in a box" which is the official term for crappy speakers that comes with a blu-ray player/reciever for like $200 which is cheap but sound even cheaper.
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