i need a burnt Out P4 478

Hey guys,

This may sound a really stupid question, but i need a burnt out Pentium 4 chip, socket 478. It must not work when it goes into a machine.

Ideally one that has been overclocked and fried. It would be nice to have scorch marks on it. (but they need to be natural and not added by blow torch) I am willing to pay a small fee, as well as postage charges.

Any one got anything they have pushed too far.My email is aphix@nuvio.co.uk if you have anything you can offer me

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  1. I'd definately head over to eBay and go into the Pentium 4 section and search for one there.
  2. Good plan batman,

    But their isnt anything thats of any use.
  3. Good luck. The only way to toast one of those things is to either shock it with a sudden burst of high voltage, or fry it externally with a heater. They can't self destruct unless their defective, no matter how hard you try. Defective units are covered by warranty. There was a website who sealed the airhole and blew the heat spreader off one, which shattered the die upon impact, but I don't even think that one got scortched before it simply broke electrical contact.

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  4. i didnt realise that was an airhole on top. Does this not get sealed when you put the heatsink on top?

  5. Sort of. The integrated heat spreader has a little bit of texture to it. So does the bottom of the heatsink. Between those two, the passage of a very small amount of air is possible. It would normally be able to blow past heatsink paste. But the place that sealed it did so by polishing the "heatsink" and the top of the CPU. It was a refrigerated setup, using an evaporator instead of a heatsink. Anyway, the sever difference in teperatures probably helped to loosen the lid.

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  6. Maybe you could try to get ahold of the guys who do the reviews here at THG. I'm sure they've toasted a P4 before.

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  7. What do plan to do with it?

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