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Hi all,
I've got the upgrade bug but not enough to build an entirely new system. Based on my current specs below, what do you recommend for an upgrade that will noticeably increase my performance? This box gets a pretty good workout: Gaming...RTCW, MOHAA. Video: Making/converting VCDs, Photoshop, Mp3, Internet,etc...
Current specs:
Athlon XP 1600+
MSI K7T266 Pro2 Motherboard
512 Crucial DDR RAM
MSI Geforce 2 Ti 64 Mb DDR video
Soundblaster Live 5.1 Sound card
80 G. WD HD with 8mb buffer; 60 G Maxtor HD
Monsoon MH-502 Speakers
Obviously I'm thinking of a new video card, but based on some research I'm not that convinced it will be worth it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Get rid of the video card and get something like a Radeon 9000 Pro, 8500, or better yet, a 9500 Pro. You need to consider upgrading your CPU also. You won't get the best performance out of any of the above cards with the CPU you've got.

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  2. Also, if you've got the cash, I would consider upgrading your mobo to something like an Asus A7N8X. The rest of yer stuff looks fine.

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  3. I'd go with a video card upgrade. If you wait another month or so GF4 Ti 4200's should be cheap. You will notice a BIG difference when you get one. I had a GF2 Ti that I traded in for a GF3 Ti 200 and I didn't noice that much of a jump. I did notice the difference when I went to this GF4 though.

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  4. The 9500 Pro outperforms the Ti4200. Its more expensive, but also more future proof 'cause it supports DX9. If the 9500Pro is too expensive, I would get the Ti4200 64MB version, 'cause the memory is clocked faster.

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  5. Um the motherboard has got to go, thats too old, the video has got to go, its too old, I actualy don't think you need to worry about the CPU for now, considering the xp has almost all of the multi-media instructions its still a good buy even at lower clock speeds (1.4) I'm assuming your basing your prices off of pricewatch right? that is the cheapest place on the net. Oh and what price did that rack up to. I'm getting about 400 dollars for what you have listed. This is what I would do if I were you

    1. Upgrade the video card to something with directX 8 tech.
    Radeon 8500 is only 70 bucks total at pricewatch.

    2. Upgrade mobo to at least kt333 or better
    BIOSTAR K7VIP (awesome motherboard) is only 64 bucks total at pricewatch

    3. Upgrade to xp 1700 because its a dollar LESS THAN THE 1600

    just some advise.

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  6. Thats list he has is of parts that make up his CURRENT system...he wants to know what he SHOULD buy to replace what he has.....

    Your CPU is still good....ur ram is still good.......

    Here's what I recomend to you....

    Epox 8RDA+ nForce 2 motherboard
    ATI Radeon 9500Pro 128MB AGP 8X

    Thats it.....the rest you can still use and mayeb u can even experiment with overclockign your CPU u have now.....

    Changing ur CPU will not give u a HUGE performance boost, not like changing ur video card and goign to an nForce 2 platform would.....so liek i said...nForce 2 motherboard and Radeon 9500Pro video card....also if u dont have 2 sticks of DDR right now....add 1 more so u can take advantage of the dual memory architecture nForce 2 has...

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  7. Oops, I thought that was a new system he was UPGRADING to. My fault, yeah, in that case an Nforce2 mobo would be nice, although very expensive and too new I would wait a while for it to become more common before going for something like that. And the 9500 would be great too, although it too is rather expensive, I thought you were wanting to go low on the money. I would also recommend overclocking your ram, I've found that with a simple $7 ramsink you can overclock your ram 66mhz no problem. A wise investment for $7, also a large cooling fan would be considerd a wise investment due to the fact that with a volcano 9 for instance ($18) you can crank that 1.4 all the way to 1.6 with no problems at all. So you would pay for a 1600 and get a 2000 for free. Just some food for thought, by the way, that volcano 9 is an excellent buy.
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