Is a PII 300 enough to run a dedicated CS server?

Im just about to host a small LAN party at my house (for about 5 people) and was wondering whether a computer with a PII (or a celeron 400) and 256mb RAM would be enough to run a dedicated Counterstrike server for about 5 people? Im not exactly sure of the involved factors but im guessing a high speed memory bus is needed? If this doesnt work I can setup a P3 750.
Also, would a switch provide for much better network performance over a hub in this circumstance (My friend already has a hub, would i need to get a switch to get best lan performance?)

Sorry that this is a double post and in the wrong section, but if I put into the networked gaming section I dont get any replies, its practically deserted.

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  1. While most people in here are overkill, I'd say give it a shot. I've seen big things done on small systems. I had a Pentium 166MMX serving files at T1 speeds with a 40GB and 80GB hard drive and running Windows 95! No problems there!

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  2. I have lots of experience with CS and lans, first off you will be fine with a PII (don't use the celleron) 256mb's of ram is just fine for up to 10 people. I think in lans hubs work better if you are using all the ports. If you have a 5 port hub go for it, because the hub will evenly divide the bandwidth unlike a switch which gives more bandwidth to those that can accept it. (otherwise the fasest computer gets the best ping) Or I think it works like that, I'm not totaly positive but I'm pretty sure. That system, plus the hub will do just fine. Make sure that you have the PII system running nothing but windows, basicaly disable every program so nothing else is running.
  3. Thanks a loy Taylanator and Crash. Taylanator - Thats what I was going to do, do a fresh install of windows on this system (built from scraps for the job) and then just install a GF2 MX, my NIC, and CS (no sound card/software etc etc). Ive now managed to get 512mb RAM so i can run it with that. Ill also be using the Hub, although I thought bandwidth depended on the speed of your NIC, not your actual computer (we all have 100Mb NIC's so I didnt think this would make a difference)?

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  4. One last question: Do I need a fast HDD drive for serving? I have an 500MB drive ( :smile: ) that I was going to use since it only needs to hold about half of windows (prolly bout 150MB) and CS (not that much really... 100MB or so). If It does need to be faster - I believe this one is PIO? - Ill have to buy one, so I would rather not if possible.

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  5. no, you don't much HDD for a CS server but be aware I'm running an CS server on a PIII 866MHz 1gig RAM and it lags sometimes noticably (16players)... guess you could have trouble with your PII. Don't try to run additional protection MODs like HLGuard or your server will be unplayable.
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