Canon i550 won't print black

I have a i550 printer which is not printing from the black cartridge.
I know about the "fix" of selecting a different media type and I know that is not an answer - the printer uses the 3 colour cartridges to mix black!

If I try to print a test page with only black text on it and try to print it, the print head does not scan across the page - the paper just runs straight through.

I assume from this that the commands to print in black are not getting through to the printer.

Have you come across this? If so, what do you recommend?
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  1. I haven't came across with this problem, but I hope I can help you.

    Is it a new cartridge?

    Have you recently updated the printer driver?

    Is the black cartridge placed badly, so it won't make contact with the paper?
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