Stereo Mix (Need Help!)

Hi there, I'm having some big issues on my newly acquired server computer, I'm going to use it as a server computer running different applications including's Video/Audio Live Stream.

I recently installed Win 7 on it, and I'm having some issues with the Stereo Mix.

First, there was no Stereo Mix to be selected (I did try to check the "Show Disconnected" and "Show Disabled Devices")

Then, I tried installing realtek drivers from guru(something).com and I could finally see the Stereo Mix Option in "Recording Devices). But it didn't work tho.

I then tried downloading the win 7 drivers from The Realtek HD Audio Drivers.
I installed it and rebooted. Now stereo Mix is gone and btw there is no Realtek HD Audio Manager software down in the system tray neither.

Then, Since I do have sound on the PC, I tried installing VAC (Virtual Audio Cable). which can create virtual audio devices, and I can set my audio(being the headphones or whatever) to route out as VAC cable 1, which I can rename to "Music".
And then select "VAC Cable 1" as my microphone on the live ustream, teamspeak, skype, or whatever.
BUT, VAC 4.06 dosen't support Win 7. The new version tho is said to support win 7, but I have no money now and Can't afford buying it.

So, if anyone has a clue on what I could do to fix this problem, either being a software like VAC, or maybe a workaround or fix to the driver issues.

Thanks alot for any suggestions or replies.

Afflicto :)
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  1. along with this big story you never mentioned your system specification, or brand & model
  2. Sorry, the motherboard's a HP Pavilion >.<.. motherboard model, according to CPU-Z is an Manufacturer: ECS. model: Nettle3. Nvidia Chipset and Southbridge. never ever heard of an ECS Nettle MOBO :S
  3. try to find the correct model from any of your documents or anything that comes with pc any stickers arrount the cpu or open the cabinet , you can easily find atleast the make of you mother board, chipset etc by looking on it.
  4. K, I'l do that. Thanks.
  5. I found somewhere on the motherboard it said HT 2000. It's an AMD CPU on it tho. a dual core. and an ATI graphics card. I think the MOBO is made by AMD or something.
  6. I never checked the bottom of the desktop pc, but I actually found the model of the HP machine :D it's a HP a6000. But When I checked there was no a6000. but a 6000e and a6000df or whatever. I'm trying to download a driver package for win7 64-bit now. for the hp a6000e. Hoping it will solve the problem :D
  7. HP have made some shitty software now.. they don't publish the drivers, they have this update tool... but it dosen't work. I installed the update tool on the machine and it said all drivers are up do date, which they are not, since stereo mix is not working and I have no hd audo manager icon in the system tray.

    Whatever, if anyone knows a simple tool to emulate a stereo mix, please tell me, but not VAC. since my version of VAC dosen't support win 7.
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