My dell Xps 14 laptop cpu is overheating how i can reduce this


my dell Xps 14 laptop cpu is overheating how i can reduce this
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  1. Here are temperatures for specific components when they enter the danger zone.:

    CPU danger temperature is around 75-85C (check the CPU's tech specs)
    GPU danger temperature is around 90-95C
    HDD danger temperature is around 60-65C
  2. If it is just feeling hot - yes it will and does. The materials laptop makers are using more and more pull heat away from the internals and into the case for maximum cooling surface area. This makes it feel much hotter then the plastic laptops of old.

    The key is what Area51 stated. Check your temps. If they are higher then what you want to see, you can get a laptop cooling fan (a base with a fan, some times with extra features ilke a card reader/usb ports..)
  3. thadiyan said:

    my dell Xps 14 laptop cpu is overheating how i can reduce this

    causes for overheating are generally a failing fan or not enough contact to the copper plate. since its highly doubtful that there isnt enough contact, its probably the fans.

    there are a few ways you can solve this issue:

    1) replace the faulty fans. keep in mind that the notebook will still get hot. notebooks use plastics that are designed to pull heat from heatsinks inside to the casing outside, ensuring maximum surface area for cooling.

    2) buy a 'chill pad'. most of these are USB-powered and will plug into your notebook. the downside is, of the few chill pads ive seen, ALL the fans spin pretty slow and seem to be more of a waste than anything

    3) make your own chill pad. this is what i did for a client of mine. i used 2 x 80mm fans, some 1/2" thick pine wood, and 4 mounting posts, one for each corner. i wired them up to a 1.5 amp power supply and built an on/off switch into the wood. the fans are super quiet and blow WAY more air than any store bought chill pad will. client was happy, laptop heat decreased by an average of 10C all around (cpu, gpu, hd).
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