USB device not recognized

Please help me out ....

I have kingston 8 GB pendrive which is not working. Message appears "USB device not recognized" and Unknown device in device manager. Its not showing in My computer and Device Management. I tried to update it but problem is same. Have tried it in 3 systems but nothing works. All other pen drives are working properly. Tried on Windows Xp and Vista both.

Data is very important for me........

Please give us best solution so that i can recover my data .....
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  1. Have you tried rolling back the updating action?

    Have you tried booting the computer up in sage mode? so the drivers won't affect.

    If there is really anything else to do, and no one here comes up with a better idea, you should take it to the store where you bought it, and tell them the story.

    If the store where you bought it can't recover your information, try going to some professional in the recovering data field.
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