K6-3 underclocking?

Thanks to all who have so valiantly replied to my prior post, although I am new to Tom's, so I wasn't sure how to even post to a thread - now a new one!!!! Luckily my understanding of my own system isn't as bad. Anyways, I digress. (Again)Here's the prob: I have a K6-3 450mhz on an Asus P5A mobo. 512PC133 RAM, Geforce 2 Ti, 2 CD drives, 2HD's. When BIOS comes up it reads CPU @ 450mhz. In Windows through Dr.Hardware, hardware monitor, AND a screen saver, I am told that my CPU runs at 225.5mhz. Hardware monitor says multiplier @5. Jumper settings 100x4.5. Changing jumpers did nothing to multiplier, although changed bus speed so that win2k clock speed (through programs) was always half of BIOS shown total mhz! Flashing BIOS did nothing. Changing CPU to a K6-2 400 did nothing. What I'm wondering is if the PC133 is causing problems with the FSB and it is now "locked up" into a safer mode. I am working with Asus to try to figure this out, or if it is even a problem at all - CRASHMAN suggested it was simply program problems and nothing more, which I can understand, but all of them? (three aforementioned, QIII - reads CPU@75mhz, Diablo2 significant screen lock-ups). But if anybody has another viewpoint, I would be very grateful for your suggestions.

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  1. No, PC133 does not change the configuration of your computer. You know what the difference between PC133 and PC100 is? Zero, besides the testing. PC133 is simply validated to run at a higher clock speed. There is no minimum clock speed, I've run PC133 on old Pentium 1 computers with their 66MHz bus. In fact, some companies were once making a handsome profit relabeling PC133 as PC100, because people didnt' think their computers were PC133 compatable when such issues don't exist. Notice that QIII is giving you completely different readings than Dr. Hardware? They can't BOTH be right! But they CAN both be wrong.

    Remember the old Creative AWE64 soundcard? It wouldn't let you run the applications on any AMD K6-2 system because it didn't meet the minimum requirements of a Pentium 75! Slopily written software dude, they forgot about you!

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