Two Computers, One HCI

For those that haven't encountered this acronym before, HCI is "human computer interface".

I have two desktops, one running Win 7 (gaming and daily activity) and the other running Ubuntu (banking and other important stuff). My monitor has dual video input, so switching video between the two is easy. However, I currently have two sets of keyboards and two mice. The Ubuntu pair stays coiled up behind the tower except when I need that machine. This setup is a total pain to use, as you'd probably guess.

Is there some sort of device that I could use to connect one peripheral to two machines? At at bare minimum, I'd like to share a keyboard and mouse between the systems, but if sharing other things like speakers, scanners, etc is possible, that'd be even better. Obviously, I'd want to be able to pick one or the other machine, not both at the same time. So is there a convenient way to do this? Thanks
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  1. As far as I know, there is no connection that gets divided in two, if this is what you mean.

    I know that even in a program that divides one computer (case) in two separate working stations, you need to sets of mouse and keyboard.
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