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i just built my new computer system and im looking for some good speakers for gaming. currently im using those cheap speakers that come with most 400$-500$ computers. but is 50$ enough to make a significant improvement over those?

also i like to use newegg so if you could post a link to a good set of speakers from there that would be great. theres just so many im not sure which are the best. also i can probably go to 55 or 60$ if its worth it.
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  1. You can get good 2.1 speakers for around $50:
    Eagle ET-AR504LR-BK 35 Watts RMS 2.1 Black Soundstage Speakers
    ALTEC LANSING VS2521 28 Watts 2.1 Speaker System
    Creative Inspire T3130 2.1 Speakers

    For about another $40-$50 you can get pretty good 5.1 surround sound:
    Logitech X-540 70 watts 5.1 Speakers
    Creative INSPIRE T6160 5.1 Speakers

    (Personally I prefer Logitech, I actually have the 5.1 speakers on my PC at home...great sound quality)

    If you are looking for good sound quality, under the specs, it will show the "Frequency Response" or something similar. The lower the first number (Hz), the deeper bass sounds you will hear, the higher the last number (kHz), the higher treble sounds are picked up.
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