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Gottlieb Test Fixture - Ever Seen This One?

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June 16, 2005 11:51:10 AM

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Was wondering if anyone out there had ever seen this beast.
Apparently home-made from a former operator in Missouri (think that is
the story - Toddy?)

Anyone with first person knowledge?


Full Front view

Display/control panel

BUT area.

Under BUT area.

Behind display/control panel

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June 16, 2005 12:38:57 PM

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That's interesting. It does resemble one of six or seven in a row they
had at the factory, (a little). Those did not appear to be as tall as
this. Stenciling is in the wrong place, that much I do know. The
fixture I sat at during class had the logo's and other lettering across
the top. The displays were down low and the lamp and solenoid display
was up high. Switch matrix to the left and the boards in front of you.

This wouldn't be hard to make and pass off as a factory jig. No one
really cataloged the Gottlieb fixtures very well and some were
constructed rough. I have a couple of odd ball test items I got from a
friend who was an ex employee. They don't look as nice as the Williams
and Bally stuff. Mostly they are just simulators and not really
diagnostic test fixtures. Come to think of it, the last real
diagnostic test fixtures were the Bally MPU tester and the SAMS series.
Also the Gottlieb system 3 test fixture is an actual diagnostic
fixture off a pc. Nice unit.

June 16, 2005 7:55:36 PM

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That is interesting to learn. Parts of it are so "perfect" - the holes
for the lamps, and holes for cables, I thought it an "official"
product when I first saw it. But then after looking at the
wiring-harness spliced together, lots of cuts and patches, I
couldn't believe it was a factory made device. Guess I may never
know. One thing for sure, it is handy for proving out boards. Hoping
someone out there knows...

June 16, 2005 9:45:18 PM

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What I was trying to say is it may be from the factory. It could be
something that Don Campbell or Tony Calabrese put together. (They were
always hacking up something). Next time I run across John Osborne I'll
try to pick his brain a little about test fixtures from that era.