Center/Subwoofer need swapped but no option in Realtek HD Audio

Hi, I am using Realtek HD Audio ALC889 and I have the newest driver from my motherboards homepage. I have recently hooked up my 5.1 surround sound headset and everything plays well, but it has no bass. I've looked around and I see most of the time it is just as simple as using the swap center and subwoofer, but I do not have any of 3 options most people have at the bottom of the realtek hd audio manager. I'm not sure if its my version or if it is my driver itself.

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  1. if you press advanced settings what you got
  2. scout_03 said:
    if you press advanced settings what you got

  3. anyone?
  4. in windows sound control press on the speaker output then press configure se if the 5.1 settinds are on then press test you should ear sound on every speaker and did you plg the sub in the yellow plug in the back
  5. the sub/center share the orange connector and when I test I get sound from all channels just the sub has no bass and sounds more crystal clear and I've read in numerous forums that the channels get mixed very easily and most realtek hd audio managers have the swap subwoofer/center box just for that reason, but it doesn't on my version.
  6. see this on the forum also look at the gigabyte link on the same post
  7. Nope that is a different situation :/ and although I do have a gigabyte motherboard it is a different model and I am also only using 5.1 not 7.1 and as you can see in the picture my connections are right. The audio section is completely different for my GA-880GM-USB3. The only thing I need is to swap the center/sub, but there is no option in the realtek hd audio or anywhere through any of the configure sections.
  8. your audio chipset is mark as realtek acl 892 on gigabyte also did you try the bass bost in windows
  9. I've had this problem since upgrading my Gigabyte MB to a Z68 and loading the new drivers.

    The only way I get sub is to remove the Realtek drivers and use the Windows HD drivers natively.

    For some reason, the Realtek Audio Manager for the Gigabyte MB has less settings that the earlier versions. Even the version on the Realtek site appears to detect the motherboard and doesn't give the opportunity to set any of the gaming or playback settings.

    Not sure if it's a bug or a feature.
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