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Do I need to upgrade my home theater surge protector?

I have a home theater setup with a 46" HDTV, DVR box, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. On a recent home theater setup visit from Best Buy's Geek Squad, the representative suggested I replace my surge protector. I currently have a Belkin strip that's apparently no longer adequate for my setup. The model # is BE107200-04, and it's rated at 2,320 Joules.

The Geek Squad representative suggested I go with a surge protector of at least 2,160 Joules -- either the Monster brand $59.99 or $79.99 surge protectors would work. I don't know what he thought he was looking at, but when I asked, "Well, what about surge protectors by Belkin or Tripp Lite, like NewEgg sells?" He told me that the Monster brand offers extra protection against other types of wayward electricity hazards. I usually avoid Monster products because they're so pricey. I prefer not to go that route if I can be confident that an equivalent by Belkin or Tripp Lite will do fine.

So a few weeks pass, and I finally just got a surge protector. I picked up a Belkin 7-outlet protector, and it specifically said Home Theater usage on the box. It listed only 2,000 Joules. (However, some web sites list 2,320). Then I noticed that this one is the SAME MODEL NUMBER as the one I have, but it's black.

So I technically just bought the same surge protector. Which says to me that the Geek Squad rep was merely trying to get me to spend $40 to $60.

So what does this tell you? Does this still technically mean that I my existing Belkin surge protector is adequate for my setup? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    If your house is relatively new, and the wiring up to code, I'd think your Belkin would do just fine. I'd agree the Best Buy guy was just trying to sell you a high-profit-margin accessory (like a Monster HDMI cable which can go well over $100, vs. a <$10 cable from which works just as well).

    IMO, anything labeled "Monster" is referring to the profits they make, not anything of use to the end consumer..
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