WHICH LINUX AND OTHER OS IS BEST AND FROM :pt1cable: WHERE DOWNLOAD :o :fou: :pt1cable: :fou: :na: :o ;) :D :bounce: :pfff: :ange: :non: :kaola: :sol: :whistle: :cry: :heink:
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  1. Best for what use? If you use it to prop open a door, you want one with the heaviest box. If you need to carry it around from place to place, you'd want a light box. For eating, you'd want one made with natural materials.

    If you want free, you want Linux, several popular ones out there, Ubuntu is a good one.
  2. Mac Os is my favorite for everyday computer usage and I would say its the best. Windows is the only choice for running PC games, so its best for gaming, from a certain point of view. And Linux is free so for a HTPC, its best also from a certain point of view.
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