What printer would be the best for the least expensive ink cartridge to replace? I am paying 24.00 to 29.00 for my cartridges for LEXMARK. I desire to save some cash by getting a better savings.
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  1. I'm printer shopping atm, too, and probably going with the Epson Stylus NX515 WiFi Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer at Amazon.com.

    The printer ink reviews say it is ok for color, but not so good for black :non: .

    I narrowed my choices between this and the Canon Pixma MP560. Both have complaints about the ink. It seems to be a known universal problem -- companies make profit on the ink, not the printers. :lol:

    So, I made my selection partly based on quality of prints (ink) and partly on features. I'm going with the Epson just because it can be used hardwired, where the Canon is wifi Only.

    I am interested to hear any comments about the ink "issue" as well.

  2. I'm looking at getting a Continuous Ink Supply System for my Canon IP4300.

    There are some photographers and graphic designers that swear by them, you just have to make sure the ink they use is of the highest quality.

    If you search eBay for CIS or CISS you can find them and the printers they can be used with. The savings are MASSIVE. Be sure to read the feedback on eBay so you know you are getting the good stuff.
  3. Would they ruin your printer?
  4. HP has came out with a "Green" line of cartridges that gives you a very good $/pages ratio. and is also very Eco friendly. Of course, you need an HP printer.
    Consider even buying a new printer that is not very expensive.
  5. HP has a great design but the quality is not up to par. The cartridges are fixed in the 8500 series and they have extra large capacities too. There are some nice CIS systems that look like they would work but I have no experience with them. I've had really good luck with Canons but I have not found a decent CIS or anybody using one without problems.
  6. Recently I bought my second HP printer (Because I needed a fax) and I am really happy with this purchase. HP knows how to do excellent printers for years already.

    Any way I think that the thread opener cchilson has already bought the printer in this last 4 and half months that passed since he opened the thread.
  7. cchilson said:
    What printer would be the best for the least expensive ink cartridge to replace? I am paying 24.00 to 29.00 for my cartridges for LEXMARK. I desire to save some cash by getting a better savings.

    I decided to go with brother TN-330 the cartridges are large and so they don't need changed as often, they are said to print 1000 pages. It also holds a large amount of paper at a time so less refilling. No color, just black, but that is fine with me.
    Thanks for all your help.
  8. There are different types of ink for printers but you have to be very smart in making the choice. Buying cheap ink can bring huge benefits is it will suit the requirements of your machine. There are also steps made by different manufacturers to make printing more cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Online search will surely offer great help.
  9. Compatible / Remanufactured / Aftermarket is the only way to go!

    I buy my ink cartridges here: http://www.imarketcity.com/coinca.html

    And I bought this continuous ink supply system from inkxpro for my Epson R280 that eats it's small ink cartridges way to fast, here: http://www.inkxpro.com/Continuous-Ink-System-Epson-R260-R280-580-rx680-p/cis-epson-r260-r280-r680.htm
    This CISS is more expensive than most on eBay ($59.95) but, inkxpro uses high quality inks in there continuous ink supply systems and they are good people to deal with.
  10. A link to my tutorial.

    After Market Inkjet Ink Supplies I often see people asking about cheaper alternatives to buying OEM ink supplies and just as often they get incorrect responses, So hopefully I can clear a few thing up here. THE INKJET PRINTER MANUFACTURERS The makers of inkjet printers are... See full content
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