Do i need a windows 7 disc to return computer to factory condition?

i need to restore my Acer to factory settings,
what i need to know is simple,
If i select "Restore Your Computer To Factory Condition", do i need to have a windows 7 disc to finish it???? or to reinstall the OS? or does it do that all on its own? because the laptop came with it pre-installed. any information would be fantastic, thanks!
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    Nope, no disk needed. If you have an OEM machine and have the option to restore to factory, then it will do it all by itself. You'll lose everything, but I'm assuming you know this.
  2. THANK YOU! good god you're a life saver, whoever you are lmao i had posted this EXACT question on 8 other forums, on 8 other sites, noone answered me except to troll me -.- thank you so much! gonna go restore now :D
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