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Hello all,
I've got this old P2 system that I keep running using it as a server that has to do very little. I bought off Ebay the other day a P2 350, which is an upgrade to the old P233 I had in it.
The problem with it is that I can't alter the running speed of it in the Bios. The Bios is still seeing it as a P233 not a P350. I've swapped the jumper over (J8B2) and put the Bios into configuration mode, however here the only difference was that I could wipe the various passwords you can apply to the Bios.
I'm using the last Bios up date which is 4A4LL0X0.86A.0031.P14
When I do go the processor page, I'm unable to navigate to it, to up the speed.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance...
Greg (aka ovoco5)
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  1. You may need to manually change the FSB, since your 233 ran at 3.5x66 = 233 your new one needs to run at 3.5x100 = 350. Thats why your CPU is still being detected as 233. Go into bios and look under frequency/voltage settings or if thats not there look under advanced chipset features. if its not in your bios read the manual and look for a jumper that changes the front side bus from 66 to 100.

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  2. You have a problem! I can help!

    What the LAST GUY DIDN'T KNOW but I do is that your board only supports 66MHz Bus. I'm getting that directly from the model number without looking it up, because the model number suggest an LX chipset.

    Your PII 350 is MULTIPLIER LOCKED and will always run at 3.5x. It's made to run at 3.5x100, but your board doesn't support 100MHz bus. So now you have a CPU at 3.5x66MHz, which is 233MHz, the same as your last one!

    You have a couple choices here. I'll trade you a Celeron 400 (runs at 6x66.6MHz) if you give me $10 shipping and handling.

    You could also choose instead to get a 100MHz bus MOTHERBOARD. I see Intel SE440BX and SE440BX2 boards going for as little as $5 on eBay. You'll also want to make certain you're using PC100 or PC133 instead of PC66.

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  3. Oops I didnt think about that. If he lives in the UK I can do the same trade as I have a spare 400 celeron and am looking for a 350 to go into a dual setup im working on (my friend has the right stepping code but will only swap a PII 350).

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  4. Hello,
    Yes I do Live in the UK, Thanks for the info guys. I think I'll stick with the 350 downed to a 233, I guess it may go on for a longer life seeing as it is only doing two thirds the work it's meant to.
    Thanks for the offers though, much appreciated.
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