Asus k60ij-rblx05 vs. Toshiba l505-s5990

both of these laptops are from Best Buy.. here's the links:


the Asus has 4GB of RAM and the Toshiba only has 3GB of RAM..
BUT.. the Asus is only running on a Intel Dual-Core, while the Toshiba has the Intel Core2Duo..
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  1. I believe that they are Intel Pentiums, which are different from Core 2's. In either case, you'd be best served by spending the extra hundred bucks to get a bit more performance.
  2. These laptops fall in different categories, the Toshiba is light and portable with 13.3" display, 3.9 lbs., good battery life (7 hours).

    The Asus is got much bigger 16” screen, 5.7 lbs. Battery life Up to 3 hours

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