Repartitioning C drive after Install of win 7

Hi there, I just installed Win 7 and after adding on MSOffice 2010(beta) I am now at 32G used space out of 50G.

Q1. Can i now repartitioning again to add more Gigs to C drive from another primary drive..... OR

Q2. Can I move MSOFFICE 2010 (beta) and 'My Download' folder both to my 'D' Drive and will that entail complex
registry strokes? (Please detail registry change step-by step if you can).

Thank you for your attention.

(newbie <----------)

HDD is 1TB WD (partitioned into 5 other drives for diff areas of workfiles)
CPU is AMD 64Athlon - socket 939
MOBO is ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe
4 Gig Ram
Graphic ATI Amaze 5700 Xfire
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  1. Do you have a back-up utility such as Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost? It might pay to create a back-up of the entire drive before resizing partitions.

    Windows 7 has the option to e tend and shrink partitions. I would begin first by shrinking the partition I wish to take space from, then extend the partition I wish to add space to.

    Here's a couple of tutorials for reference, the bleeping computer one is for Vista but the method is the same:

    Try to use precationary measures if you can, such as backing up your system.

    Also check the file systems are the same, they're probably using NTFS but make sure first. You may need to reformat the free space for compatibility.
  2. Just uninstall MS Office and reinstall to registry edits required.

    In all my years of computing....I have never used the "My Documents" folder, perhaps because I developed my own storage organization structure long before it existed. So used Yahoo search to turn this up"
  3. Thank you for both your replies. I have formatted all drives and D is where i wish to keep my programme files and applications but unfortunately this MS OFFICE beta does not give me the option to save files to any other drive but direct install to C. :(
    Guess i will uninstall it soon as i run out of space and not use it again.

    I have Acronis but i am afraid to use it - it seemed so complicated. I am not very good with pcs.
  4. Acronis true image is an excellent imaging program.

    It is really quite straight forward to use and what you need to do is choose back-up and restore. You need to select the drive and target device / partition (for the back-up), I use an external hard drive. The last thing I select is to use the sector by sector approach for the back-up. The image is compressed so it doesn't use as much space as the entire drive.
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