Need Hardware Suggestions Bad!

I'm in the process of specing out a new box, money is not really an object. With the release of Star Wars Galaxies comming in April, I want to have the best box I can for the game. A secondary concern is noise.

So far I'm thinking of going with the Intel 3.06, mostly for its high clock speed and Hyper Threading capabilities. No idea on what mobo I should go with. As for video card, stuck here too, 9700 Pro or Geforce 5800FX? Now my current system has 640 Megs of Rambus, can rambus be used on a board that supports P4 3.06 and HT? If not, what is the best and most ram i could slap on one of these boards? For cooling, I have been thinking of a water cooling solution, mosty for the reduced noise, and efficient cooling. The last thing I need is a 4 channel sound card, that supports ASIO. I have a set of klipsch promedia 4.1, and dont plan on upgrading them, so 4 channels is enough.

Any thoughts, ideas, warnings, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you want an Intel chipset, you're looking at the 850. Check out the ASUS P4T533 for an 850 chipset. Or, if you like a SiS chipset, you need the 658. Check out the ABIT SI7. Good luck.

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  2. if you are worried about noise,definitely go for the radeon 9700 pro rather than the geforce fx 5800

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  3. For graphics card, I recommend Radeon 9700 Pro. GeForce-FX is only little faster than R9700 Pro and in some cases, it is not faster at all! Plus this card carries much higher pricetag compared to R9700 Pro. It runs much hotter and noisier than R9700 Pro.

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  4. Along with the rest of these things, I would take a look at how fast your rambus is. If its out of spec, you could lose performance. But you would have to decide if its worth spending THAT much extra money, only to get a little bit more performance. Another thing to look at may be overclocking the ram if it is out of spec, but that depends on the quality of your RDRam.

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  5. Quote:
    Now my current system has 640 Megs of Rambus, can rambus be used on a board that supports P4 3.06 and HT?

    LOL! You must have the i850/i850E chipset! All of these chipsets ALREADY SUPPORT hyper threading!

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