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Hi guys... i have a problem with my Lenovo G530. I instaled fresh Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and im facing sleep and hibernation problems. When i try to put my laptop to sleepmode and when i try to restore it restarts by himself.I tried every single option in my power manager and every command leads to restart when i try to restore the system. Also i have the same problem with hibernation mode.. When i try to restore it restarts and i have option on the screen to to delete restoration data in order to contiunue... Can anybody tell me the roots of these problems??? I have the latest graphic driver from intel for win 7 and still i cant solve anything from here. The only thing i know is that i cant adjuct the brightness cos my bios dont support Win 7 and im waiting new bios from lenovo...but im intrested in hibernation and sleep problems.. If there is any advice i will be very gratefull

Tnx in advance

Lenovo G530 - 4446-a12
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  1. Have you looked in the BIOS at the power options? Perhaps there is an option of sorts there. If not, like you said, if there isn't a specific bios release for windows 7, it could very well be an issue with the bios and W7, especially if you cannot make adjustments in windows power management work. You are adjusting the power settings in windows power management, correct or are you using something from Lenovo?
  2. There is nothing in my Bios when its about power options. Im using windows power managment.. i dont have software from lenovo... or maybe i have a profiles from lenovo.. Super Energy saver or something else..but i checked the profiles and i still have problem...
  3. IBM / Lenovo is notorious for using slightly "off" power management drivers. . well in the ThinkPads, at least. Problem with Windows Problem with some Linux distros. I really cannot confirm this is the case for the 3000 or IdeaPad series, but have you checked Lenovo's site for any power management related drivers for Windows 7?
  4. Hmmmmmmmm... i never tried to uninstal lenovo software for power managment... Wait pls :)
  5. I uninstaled and nothing happened.... again i have sleep hibernation problems... I use Windows 7 64bit drivers btw...
  6. How long does it take for your computer to come out of hibernation versus from a cold boot?
  7. hibernation problem is: Put to hibernate...try to restore ... resuming windows and then restarts and letting me to choice option: Contiunue to normal or delete restoration data... i must delete restoreration data in order to continue otherwise it will restart again...For standby is the same except without options like in hibernation mode
  8. Oh, this isn't a power management problem. Actually, If I were you I'd be testing my RAM (I know people like memtest, but sometimes it's easier just to remove one DIMM-- if you have two-- and run with one and then the other and see if anything changes or swap with a spare module.) I'd also run CHKDSK.

    Barring null results, could just be a Windows 7 bug or a BIOS incompatibility.
  9. I had a similar problem and narrowed it down to the fact that I had 4GB ram. I don't think the motherboard supports them. Individually, they work fine and the computer hibernates. Even 3GB works. It only fails when it is 4GB. (Also fails in Ubuntu.. so it is not a windows problem)
    Maybe just sacrifice the RAM to enjoy hibernation.
    Hope it helps
  10. Greetings;

    I had a problem with My lenovo G530 going into Hibernation every 5 seconds?
    I tried bios updates,windows updates,Lenovo Updates,removing battery,ddr,ac adapter,resetting the CMOS battery. nothing seemed to help.
    I found the solution in the most uncommon place to find it. The "LCD Inverter"!!
    I replaced it & The Computer is running as it should! Finally. I didn't think a semi bad inverter would cause the laptop to respond in such an odd manner? No more hibernation/sleep issues! no more blank screen every 5 seconds, no more hitting power to resume,no more closing/opening the lid to resume...everything checks out as normal now.
    I tried everything I could to resolve this issue & I finally got it!
    So if Your lenovo G530 is acting such as mine did, Please try replacing the Inverter.
    Hahahah...Lenovo told Me that My Motherboard was toasted!! "NOT". just an Inverter!!

    I hope this helps someone, as it has helped me out. I was on the edge of giving up on this computer.
    Sometimes the problems solution lies in unexpected places. who who would have known?

    Happy Computing All;
    Charles Tucker.
  11. I Also tried Power management,no avail. Problem: Inverter :)
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