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Need help with my pc

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February 1, 2003 11:58:47 PM

I've been having some problems with my pc lately and now the thing won't even turn on. I double checked to make sure everything was plugged in right but its still a no go.

I'm using the universities computers right now, it's the only way I can get online. Anyways I'm thinking I probably have a problem with the power supply, m/b or the processor.

If the problem is with the processor, I was thinking of getting another cheap celeron since I have an intel m/b and it originally had a celeron processor. Now if I do this, my question is since it originally was a celeron 766mhz cpu (socket 370), would there be any problems if I went with 1.53 mhz celeron (socket 370 fcpga2)? Sorry I don't really know that much about celerons and my guess is that my m/b is not compatible with that. If this is the case, would anyone know what's the best i can upgrade to?

And my pc was retail bought so the parts are more than likely generic.

I do want to build a new one over the summer, but I also want to fix this one up first.

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February 2, 2003 3:20:39 AM

What do you mean by the machine won't turn on? If the processor is faulty, you should still get power to the system (power LED and cooling fans power up). You just won't get POST. It could have something to do with either the motherboard or PSU?

If it is the processor, I don't think the Intel 810 chipset supports the faster model P3/Celeron Processors. I think you need at least the later model 815E chipset for that.
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February 2, 2003 4:06:38 AM

I seriously doubt it's your CPU. Normally this would be a sign of a bad power supply. Ocasionally it's the motherboard. Rarely it's something else. I've been a pro tech for over 5 years now, and this comes from a lot of experience.

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February 2, 2003 7:02:48 PM

You guys are probably right. When I check the back of my pc, there's a light that indicates that the power supply is plugged in. When I secure everything to make sure its plugged in, the light is on. But when I press the power button, the light turns off and the pc won't turn on.

So does that sound like a typical power supply problem? Also just out of curiosity, if I did want to upgrade my processor, what would be the best I can upgrade to, although I know it probably won't be much.
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February 3, 2003 12:42:24 AM

Your PC probably allows the use of 100MHz processors like the PIII 850 or the Celeron 1100 Coppermine. The newer "256k" celerons (Tualatin core) won't work due to a change in the pin assignments designed to make them not work.

In fact, your board probably supports 133MHz bus CPU's also, I had one with your board that used a PIII 667, which has a 133MHz bus. That would allow you to run a PIII 1000EB, a fairly good processor, as long as you have PC133 SDRAM. Be carefull there too, as there are newer Tualatin core PIII 1GHz CPU's that won't work.

<font color=blue>There are no stupid questions, only stupid people doling out faulty information based upon rumors, myths, and poor logic!</font color=blue>