Sale of UHER 4000 Report Ic Electronic Equipment

Please who knows how much it is worth, my Uher 4000 Report Ic in well maintained good condition.

And I want to sale it. So I want anyone interested to contact me immediately with my e-mail.

Thanks, Tom. Your site is a wonderful creation.

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  1. I can be interested if he is in good condition and working properly... Contact me:
  2. Hi! gerdy,

    Thanks for your interest in the quoted product(UHER..)

    The item is in quite good looking condition. Infact all avid antique collectors would treasure it beyond words. It's a great Priceless Antique Treasure at a great bargain.

    If therefore you're truely interested you 'll have absolutely nothing to regret.

    For a great product of over 50 years to be found in its well maintained healthy state, you can appreciate what I mean and know that whoever is buying it is actually acquiring a Timeless Possession.

    Should you therefore be serious about purchasing the product, please let me have your offer, now.

  3. Hi John
    On Ebay, which is the world market place, your unit would sell between 50.00 and 140.00 USD. In excellent shape with no accessories. Of course the exceptional collector may bid beyond that but that is the range you might expect.
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