How can I stop static ruining my MP3 life?

I live in Beijing, a city with some of the world's most unpleasant weather: humid 40°C in summer, dry -10°C in winter, and now it's spring so we're enjoying dust storms.

The dry winters have been a nightmare for my current MP3 player. How can I have a better experience with the one I'm about to buy?

When I say dry winters, I mean:
- shaking hands is routinely a shocking experience
- visible discharges between my laptop keyboard and my fingers
- everyone uses moisturiser to stop their fingers bleeding
- I have occasionally seen magnetic field lines in my porridge oats (like that experiment with iron filings you did at school)

When I say a nightmare for my MP3 player, I mean that it resets itself every few minutes. It resets when I take my gloves on and off, or my scarf moves (and at -10, you need gloves and scarf), or when I pick it up from my bed. It's annoying to lose the end of a 3-minute track; it's very annoying to have to repeatedly fast-forward from the beginning of a 30-minute philosophy lecture to somewhere near the end.

Someone will probably suggest a wrist band - but are they practical on the subway, in the park, etc.?

Any ideas welcome, but particularly MP3 brands or (battery?) technologies that will resist static.

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  1. Three things which have caused static problems in (generally rather cool, damp, London): trainers with synthetic soles, nylon (etc) carpets, polyester/mix clothing.

    If I'd forgotten this issue I was reminded when an audible crackle of static passed from my hand to a laptop, stopping it dead.

    When repairing delicate electronics I tend to go barefoot -- other than when power is connected (in which case always wear shoes with insulating soles -- rubber or synthetic).

    I know this doesn't immediately help. Frankly, from the sound of it I'd relocate from Peking.
  2. @fihart: Thanks for suggestions. I might try experimenting with different clothing combinations to see if it makes a difference. I can't say I've ever paid much attention to what my clothes are made of.

    As for running barefoot.... I've got cold feet on that one :-)
  3. I recently read an article on toms (or maybe somewhere else,),news-5815.html

    If you are thinking of buying a touch-screen MP3, then get a rubbery case for it. I don't do science so I don't know whether silicon cases prevent statics, but Im sure it helps to have them on you MP3.
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