Windows not starting - can't access Safe Mode

I was on my computer today (Win 7) and programs just started shutting down and the computer reset. The computer starts back up (Asus) and when it gets to the point where windows starts, the screen goes black and there is a blinking cursor line. Not buttons work at that point.

In my manual for the Asus and it says to select a boot device, press f8 when he Asus logo appears, to access Windows in Salf Mode press f8 after post. I start pressing f8 at all different times, but all I can get is the boot device menu or a blank screen.

I put in the WIN 7 disc and told it to do a startup repair - it says nothing is wring. I try a system recover from a few days ago, and it has an error and can't do anything.

I was running Norton Virus and it didn't pick up anything before the crash, I also have Norton Ghost and I think I have a backup from a few days ago. But I can't seem to access anything.

I'm not too big of a computer nerd, so I'm out of ideas. Can I get any help?
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  1. u tried hiren boot cd
    or parted magic cd
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