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Hey all,
I'm looking for recommendations on wireless gaming headsets for PC's. I'm looking to spend around $100, but don't mind spending a little more for better quality.

I saw the Turtle Beach headsets for Xbox, but they don't seem to make a wireless for PC.
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  1. I have the Creative HS1200 which is less than $100. The sound is very good, the microphone is OK, and they are comfortable unless you are wearing glasses. They aren't DJ-style, ear-cup, but rather some sort of hybrid between that and a smaller build, so that the cup rests on top of the ear itself. As I said they ARE comfortable and the sound is good, they have very good range also. But, given that the ear cups rest on the ear itself, wearing glasses sandwiches your ears somewhat and they get uncomfortable after a few hours.
  2. Thanks for your reply!

    I ended up getting headphones only, got a Senheiser RS 130 wireless. There just weren't that many wireless headsets to choose from so I got the RS 130 w/o a mic. I figure I wont use the mic that much anyway and wanted really good quality sound.

    If I need a mic, I can always buy one separately.
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