Which one wold you pick and why?

Hi guys, I posted a thread yesterday about a gaming laptop, and well; I have it narrowed down to two of them. Its either going to be:

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus+-+Laptop+with+Intel%26%23174%3B+Core%26%23153%3B2+Quad+Processor+-+Black/9568149.p?id=1218125774394&skuId=9568149&st=intel core 2 quad&cp=1&lp=1



I think the link on the top Asus is broken, so just highlight and paste. The only big differences are the screen res, processors, and memory speeds. Which one would you pick out of these two for gaming, and why?
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  1. I will choose the Asus because is Quad core CPU, 2GB more Ram, Better Screen, not 1 but 2 faster hard drives (7200rpm), lighter. And because its Asus, not Acer :na: (they own gateway)
  2. ibnsina said:
    I will choose the Asus because is Quad core CPU, 2GB more Ram, Better Screen, not 1 but 2 faster hard drives (7200rpm), lighter. And because its Asus, not Acer :na: (they own gateway)

    I added another one that I like... It's now those two and: http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np8760-built-clevo-w870cu-custom-gaming-laptop-p-2660.html?wconfigure=yes

    That one looks pretty sexy, mainly for it's ability to upgrade the GPU and CPU, and also the cooling system on it. I just wish it was more prettyful.
  3. Sager is expensive, it comes with GTX 280M, that about it, in most other areas Asus can match it or beat it and for much less.

    For 15.6" go for ASUS G51J-A ( $1405.53), and for 17”+ go for ASUS G72GX-A1($1595.65).
    The extras you get with Asus are 2x 7200 rpm hard drives (instead of one with sager), 2 Years International warranty and the first year is accidental, quality gaming mouse, bag, Windows 7 OS. 30 Day Dead Pixel Policy warranty.

    Try to add those extras to Sager you will get a total price of $2469.62 :ouch: .

    The choice is yours :) .
  4. If you're performance minded, I'd go with the Asus. Really, it's not a bad deal for a quad core and 6GB or RAM. There is nothing wrong with Gateway, it's just in this case, at least in my opinion that the Asus is by far the better performing laptop out of the two.
  5. I never had an Acer product, which I was happy with the overall quality. Considering the price, the specification look great, but after some use, I would find faults.

    As with Asus, they make great Motherboards; I have used and tested 100’s of them, the quality is usually high. They make good Laptops too, as recent survey showed they are the most reliable along with Toshiba. Acer/Gateway were at the bottom of the list. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/most-least-reliable-notebooks-laptops,9102.html
  6. I would pick up that Asus G72 with the Quad core just like that... But my thinking is; isn't an i7 very crutial to gaming?

    I mean my theory is if I get the quad running at 2.0 ghz, it will be slower than the 1.6 ghz i7 by quite a bit.. If this wasn't the case, then I would snatch up that Asus right away. Also, the Asus on the 17" has DDR2 memory at 800mhz.. I'd rather have DDR3, but how important/whats the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 memory for gaming anyways?
  7. I too side with Asus, recently being awarded with reliable laptops... I forgot what site I read it on.
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