What is this strange serial cable?

I recently stumbled upon this enigmatic little cable in this guy's garage that was full of assorted cabling that would have been thrown away otherwise (I got some other nice stuff out of it, most notably a new iPod USB cable, yay!), and I grabbed this almost without looking because I thought it was some kind of DisplayPort thing or something, but when I brought them home and looked through it I found that I'd never seen such a cable before in my life.

It seems to be some type of 9-pin inverted serial (female dock, but with screws) to some kind of 8-pin mini plug; probably proprietary.

Sorry for the crappy picture, I took it with a 3DS since that's the only camera I had around.

The text on the cable reads:
LR (stylized, in italics and backwards, some kind of logo?) AWM 2835 E199279 60°C 30V VW-1 28AWG LEO HUI CSA AWM I/II A LL115797 60°C 30V FT1 28AWG
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  1. may be this
  2. Well, little older folks will recognize it for sure. It is the serial port/cable used to be for peripherals before USB took over. You can say that it is prior version of USB port/cable. See wiki about it.
  3. I know the bottom part is serial, but the top part is completely foreign to me. And is obviously NOT serial. That's the part I'm concerned about.
  4. to me it looks like a cable for connecting portable media players or gaming consoles to a monitor/tv screen having com port type
  5. it's not VGA though, VGA is 15-pin in 3 rows (and male also uses pins as opposed to taking them).
  6. yes its not a vga
    its looks like com
  7. the com port type connector looks like connector of remote of gaming console (old nes gaming consoles)
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