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I recently built my own system running an AMD/1700XP TBRD cooling it with a Coolermaster heatsink fan the temp on the board says it is running at 56c .Is this a good temp for it to run at or is it too hot, and if so what is a good temp for it to run at?
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  1. Mid 40's are what you should look for. Did you use heat paste? If you left the little thermal blanket on your HSF, that's worth a few degrees right there!

    Are you running 56 under load or idle? Are you overclocking? Over-voltage? All these things can up the temperature.

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  2. No heat paste just the thermal blanket that came from the factory on it, the 56c is after running normal use I guess the kids play the Sims and do there chatting on it,no overclocking and the over voltage part im not sure of Its my first build and I just went with the motherboard manufactors(Biostar) settings.
  3. heh. people say lots of things.
    In my experience dealing with CPU temps is that they vary far too wildly, it really depends on the motherboard and sensor type as to what temp you get.
    A good example is my first and current AMD cpu's.

    My first Tbird 1200C would lockup at an 'indicated' 50C.
    My current cpu can easily get up to 86C.
    Dont tell me either of those temps are accurate!

    Go by intuition.
    Does the cpu cooler feel burning hot?
    Does it get flakey or freeze running full cpu load on a warm day? if not, forget about it.

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  4. Thanks for the post I think I will go with your input as it hasnt locked up or anything on me and the heat coming from around the CPU doesnt really feel all that warm.Thanks for the reply.Toms is the best place I've found to get helpful information.
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