Which processor is better ?

Which is better an Intel Xeon or an AMD XP ? Also, are they both dual processors, and do either one come close to Mac processors in terms of graphics? Trying decide what processor to buy, any help is greatly appreciated. - Thanks
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  1. How long is a piece of string???
    They are totally different designs, and one is for SMP operation the other is not.

    What you are thinking of is the AMD Athlon MP processor, not the XP.

    A better question is: Do you really need a dual processor system? Will you really use it? Do you know what are the benifits and downsides of dual cpu systems?

    Maybe you better tell us what you plan on doing with this system. Games and many apps are unable to take advantage of what SMP has to offer.

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  2. You mean the AMD Athlon MP not XP. The MP is the multiple CPU version and the XP is the single CPU version. Though the XP can be unlocked into MP mode that is another story and is not guaranteed anyway. Anyway the MP and the Xeon are pretty equal though the MP has a slight edge. Also the AMD dual CPU boards are MUCH cheaper than the Xeon dual CPU boards. I dont know how much difference on CPU price though. But I would assume the Athlon MP is cheaper than the Xeon too. They are BOTH better than any mac though simply because they have such sheer clock speed advantage than even the fastest mac. My recommendation is to get those silly mac thoughs out of your head first. Then buy an dual Athlon MP system for what you want.
  3. Well in terms of overall performance you are gonna need to go with a Xeon or MP (not very familiar with either).

    For reliablity the new Macs can't be beat... And if you are using this computer for Graphic design then you can't be the color and image quality of the Mac platform...

    However, if you want to do anything else besides go online and piss around with adobe photoshop then a PC is the way to go.

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  4. going completely off topic, your sig reminded me of a funny quote i saw...

    "ducttape is like the force, it has a light and a dark side, and holds the universe together" :smile:

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  5. How are you going to get better image quality? MACS USE PC VIDEO CARDS NOW, except with special BIOS so the MAC can recognise it.

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  6. The Xeon is the workstation multiprocessor version of the pentium.

    The Athlon MP is the workstation multiprocessor version of the Athon XP.

    I'd definitely go for the Xeon platform if you want a multi processor workstation. I also wouldnt build it myself...i'd buy one from IBM.

    If you want a system for home pc use and gaming and publishing etc...net surfing and chatting...then the Pentium IV or Athlon XP processors are what you'd want. They're both good systems. Pick one and be happy. Cost isnt an issue anymore, p4 and xp systems are within 50 bucks of each other.

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  7. Id definently say Athlon MP system...it WILL be cheaper in price i gaurantee u that.....and performance the Athlon MP is a bit faster....

    as far as MAC vs PC goes.......mac's do NOT have any advantage at all i dunno what sum of u r talking about...

    look at <A HREF="http://www.digitalvideoediting.com/2002/05_may/features/cw_aeshowdown.htm" target="_new">These</A> Benchamrks....i copied it from the last mac vs pc thread thanx to imGod2u......

    As u can see the dual Athlon MP 1800+ System HANDLY STEPS all over the Dual Mac G4 1Ghz system...........in everything sometimes in almsot double the speed.....

    Check it out yourself....

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