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I want a projector to game with my Xbox 360. It would be preferable if the projector was low form, and I'm looking to spend around 1000 bucks.

In general, how does 720p projectors compare to 1080p? I would usually be projecting a 60-70 inch screen from ~12 feet away, while sitting maybe 6 feet away from the display. Will I be able to see individuale pixels?

I'm currently looking at the Casio Green Slim Projector. It has a very high bulb life, and is low form. It also is supposed to have good color and contrast. My only problem is the possibility of seeing the pixels since its maximum resolution is 1200 by 800 (I think).

Thanks in advance

By the way, I had no idea where to post this, so...
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  1. 6 feet is pretty close. It is like laying down with your feet against the wall (given that you are 6 feet tall)

    A 1080P projector would help but I would try projecting a smaller screen first. A 50" would be quite big at 6 feet.
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    At 720p from 6 feet away on a 60-70" screen you will almost certainly see individual pixels. My projector (720p) produces a 120" screen and I start to see individual pixels from about 12 feet away.

    -Wolf sends
  3. hmm how about 1080p?
    Also, the casio is confusing me. I've heard from some that it outputs 1080p, while others says it deoesn't.
  4. Looking at the specs on Casio's web site, I do not see any slim projector that outputs 1080p. The projector may accept a 1080p signal, but down converts it to 1280x800 or 720p or display.

    At 1080p (output) from 6 feet away, you may notice pixels on a 70" screen. Honestly, since I don't have a 1080p projector, I can't say, but I would think you'd be right on the fringe of noticing.

    -Wolf sends
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