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I have P4 1.7 Ghz processor with intel original fan. The temp of CPU goes to 54-55 degrees while playing games. In normal working it remains around 45-50 Degree Cen. Is it okey with the processor? I am worried about summer.
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  1. It should be. There is no reason why it shouldnt.

    If you start experiencing lockups, freezes or boggy performance then you might need better cooling, but stock P4 coolers are pretty good, so thats unlikely.

    mind you, half decent case cooling is also a bonus. (i.e. at least one casefan)

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  2. You have a Williamette core CPU, as in the early, slow version of the P4. It was known for running hot, and for tolerating heat. So your slightly high temps, as compared to other CPU's, are perfectly normal and shouldn't concern you.

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