Windows 7 not booting after Graphics Driver Installation

Hello, could someone pls help me out, I've got an Asus P8Z77V Motherboard with an Intel I3 - 2120 processor and 6GB Corsair DDR3 Ram.
After I installed the drivers i got on the mobo installation CD, Windows (32 bit Ultimate) just refused to boot. I then went into safe mode uninstalled the graphic drivers and Windows then started up. I am looking to install the graphic drivers as my videos are lagging.
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  1. Download the latest ones from the Intel website (unless you are using a separate graphics card instead of the integrated device). The one's from the mobo disk are always out of date...
  2. Thanks, but tried that and it still doesn't work :-(
  3. why do you have 6 gigs of ram with a 32bit OS?
  4. Since it's new i would like u to try reinstall OS...

    Get the 64 ones since u had 6 Gb of ram... (64 bit os is required for more than 4Gb of ram)

    Try using windows update to update the driver.... (as The_Prophecy said it probably out of date driver..)

    Also u might wanna check for newer BIOS for any stability fix....
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