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I have a toshiba A300 series laptop, after fixing numberous SP2 install compatibility issues, the laptop would crash. Constantly. Have recovery disk from manufacter, tried to run them, and it crashed during the wipe the drive phase. Before I take it to authorizied repair center, can anyone tell me if its worth it? Drive is completely wiped. I can provide further info if needed. I just didnt want to spend the fee if there's no way to fix the laptop. Thanks much! Dee
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  1. Was it running fine before the SP2 install? If so, I'd say that it is worth a shot to bring it in to somebody, as they may be able to tell you if it was a software issue or a hardware issue.
  2. Yes it was running fine. The OS is Vista Home premium. My real concern is the state of the hard drive. Since there is nothing to recover currently on drive, i would have to purchase Vista installation disk, correct? Thanks in advance.
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