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I'm attempting to add a printer hooked up to my WHS desktop downstairs to my new Windows 7 64-bit machine, and the 7 machine is set up and connected with the printer showing up under shared printers.

When I go to connect, I need to add a 64-bit driver, but the only available drivers on the HS are 32-bit. When I go to add a printer manually (to check for included drivers), there's a driver for the printer on 7 itself, but where can I find it to use with the HS? (By that I mean, where would it be located within 7?) The HP site has nothing for 64-bit drivers (but states that Vista comes with the drivers, and as stated, 7 seems to as well, but that's just for a USB connection).

So, um, sorry for babbling... Any ideas?
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    I'm having the exact same problem trying to print to my Photosmart 7550.

    I found this forum: talk about the same issue and the compatible Deskjet 5550 64 bit drivers here:

    Inside that file is the .inf you want.

    But it's taking forever to download the 50 Mb file.

    So, I too would like to know, why can't I manually select the printer driver as if I was adding a local printer. I could then point it to the Deskjet 5550 and I'd be done. Is there a way to do that? or is there a location for the windows 7 drivers file that I can point the installation to?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I installed the printer manually (using the network search in "Add Printer") and finally got that .exe to download.

    I'm uploading the .exe elsewhere, and I'll post the link in a minute when it's done. I simply extracted it and directed it to the .inf file and it installed just fine on 7 64 bit Home Premium.

    Finally, I can print from my room now. Thanks for the help, and I hope it works for you. (The download didn't take too long, but if you have Firefox you can see how much of the 50MB is downloaded and estimate the time yourself.)

    I'll get to posting the link ASAP.

  3. I wanted to add a reply because a few steps here did not work for me, though I succeeded in installing a Deskjet 5650 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine across a network.

    - The printer worked fine locally through a USB port with built in Windows 7 drivers.
    - When i found the printer across the network it said it wanted the .INF file mentioned here.
    - I went and got the 90.exe file mentioned here. About a 1.5 hour download for 50 Mb. As mentioned.

    - I don't know how to unpack an .exe with WinRar (as others suggested), tried but WinRar said "no archive", and so i ran the .exe ( ON THE WINDOWS 7 64 BIT MACHINE )
    - first attempt said "you don't have the rights" so i ran as admin.
    - second attempt said "Run As... won't work" (* thanks HP, thanks Bill)
    - third attempt, right click, check compatibility, run with best options.
    -- it runs and 1/4 way through it fails. Says that a parameter it found is invalid and that this was designed for a XP x64 only!
    -- unpacked its files and gave me the path in the error message C:Users\yourname\AppData\Temp\ yada yada

    -- So, you have to go into windows explorer, folder options, turn on hidden files.
    -- NOW (With the HP install failed in the Background)
    -- go into add printer as before, find your network printer, say add and have the "need .INF" splash come up.
    -- drill into the temp, and with the .INF type being searched for, drill into the folders until you dead end, then back out and drill into the next, you'll start finding autorun.INF's and other .INF's, but go until you find the x64Dot4.INF
    -- pick it, say next, then mine said SUCCESS! You have added the printer.
    -- I rebooted(to be sure) and Printed a Test Page.
    -- GL
  4. Thank you!
    The steps you guys suggested worked for me on my laptop running Windows 7 64-bit for my Deskjet 5550, connected to another pc on the wifi network.
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